Flower Arrangements in China and Japan | 现代生活美学:花之道

Pursuing the philosophy of harmony between man and nature, covering the knowledgeof Chinese, Japanese and Western flower art; practical flow... mehr...

Pursuing the philosophy of harmony between man and nature, covering the knowledgeof Chinese, Japanese and Western flower art; practical flower arranging skills andself-cultivation
è¿½å¯»å¤©äººåˆä¸€å“²å­¦ç†å¿µï¼Œæ¢³ç†ä¸­å›½æ’èŠ±ã€æ—¥æœ¬èŠ±é“ä»¥åŠè¥¿æ–¹èŠ±è‰ºå²ï¼›å®žç”¨æ’èŠ±æŠ€å·§ï¼Œæ¤ç‰©ã€è‰²å½©ã€æ’èŠ±é€ åž‹ç­‰ï¼›å ³æ³¨å† å¿ƒä½“éªŒï¼Œå¹³è¡¡å¿ƒç†ï¼ŒåŸ¹è‚²ä¼˜é› ç”Ÿæ´»æ–¹å¼ã€‚


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ä¸­å›½æ–‡äººç”Ÿæ´»çš„åŽ å ‚ä¹‹é› ï¼Œåœ¨å®‹ä»£å·²å½¢æˆâ€œæ–‡äººå››è‰ºâ€çš„ç´æ£‹ä¹¦ç”»ï¼Œå’Œâ€œç”Ÿæ´»å››è‰ºâ€çš„æ’èŠ±ã€ç‚¹èŒ¶ã€ç„šé¦™ã€æŒ‚ç”»ã€‚ç»è¿‡æ•°åƒå¹´çš„ä¼ æ‰¿ä¸Žå‘å±•ï¼Œç”Ÿæ´»å››è‰ºä¸ä» æ˜¯æŠ€è‰ºï¼Œæ›´å¯ä»Žä¸­é¢†æ‚Ÿäººä¸Žå¤©åœ°è‡ªç„¶åˆä¸€ä¹‹å¦™ï¼Œä½“éªŒä¸€ç§æ™ºæ §ã€é«˜é› ã€ä¼˜ç¾Žçš„ç”Ÿæ´»æ–¹å¼ï¼Œå€Ÿä»¥ä¿®èº«å »æ€§ï¼Œæ¸è€Œå ¥é“ã€‚ æ’èŠ±æ˜¯å°†é²œåˆ‡æ¤ç‰©ç´ æï¼ˆæžå¶èŠ±æžœç­‰ï¼‰ï¼Œé ä»¥åˆé€‚çš„å™¨çš¿ï¼Œç»è¿‡ä¸€å®šçš„ä¿®å‰ªæŠ€æœ¯å’Œé€ åž‹è‰ºæœ¯ï¼Œé‡æ–°åˆ›ä½œå‡ºä¸€ä»¶æŠ’æƒ è¡¨æ„çš„ç²¾è‡´è‰ºæœ¯å“ã€‚é€šè¿‡æ’èŠ±çš„ä»ªå¼å’Œåˆ›ä½œè¿‡ç¨‹ï¼Œæ”¾ä¸‹æ‚å¿µï¼Œè®©å¿ƒå¾—ä»¥å®é™ï¼Œä½“æ‚Ÿå¤©åœ°è‡ªç„¶ä¹‹æ€§æƒ ï¼Œä¹‹èŠ±é“ã€‚è¯¾ç¨‹é¦–å ˆæ¢³ç†ä¸œè¥¿æ–¹æ’èŠ±çš„å‘å±•è„‰ç»œï¼Œä»Žæ’èŠ±çœ‹ä¸­å›½ã€æ—¥æœ¬ä»¥åŠè¥¿æ–¹èŠ±æ–‡åŒ–çš„ä¸åŒç‰¹å¾ï¼Œä»¥åŠç›¸äº’å½±å“å’Œèžåˆçš„è¿‡ç¨‹ï¼›ç„¶åŽè¿›å ¥åˆ°æ’èŠ±çš„æ“ä½œå±‚é¢ï¼Œå¦‚æ¤ç‰©çŸ¥è¯†ã€è‰²å½©æž„æˆï¼Œä¸œæ–¹æ’èŠ±æž„æˆç­‰ã€‚åœ¨æ­¤è¿‡ç¨‹ä¸­ï¼Œè®¤è¯†å’Œäº²è¿‘æ¤ç‰©èŠ±å‰ï¼Œå ³æ³¨å† å¿ƒä½“éªŒï¼Œå¹³è¡¡å¿ƒç†ï¼ŒåŸ¹å »ä¼˜é› çš„ç”Ÿæ´»æ–¹å¼å’Œç¤¾äº¤ç¤¼ä»ªã€‚ The elegance of the hall of Chinese literati, in the Song Dynasty has formed the "the Four arts of literati": lyre-playing, chess, calligraphy and "Four Arts of Life": flower arrangement, tea, incense burn, hanging pictures. After thousands of years of inheritance and development, life four art is not only a skill, but also to learn from the natural unity between man and heaven, experience a wise, elegant, graceful way of life, to self-cultivation, gradually and humanely. Flower arrangement is the fresh cut plant material (foliage flower fruit, etc.), with the appropriate utensils, after a certain degree of pruning technology and plastic arts, to recreate a lyric ideographic exquisite art. Through the ritual of flower arranging and creation process, put aside distractions, let the experience with tranquility, realize the nature of heaven and earth, the flower way.The course first combs the development of East-west flower arrangement, and looks at the different characteristics of Chinese, Japanese and western flower culture, as well as the process of mutual influence and integration, and then enters into the operation level of flower arrangement, such as plant knowledge, color composition, oriental flower arrangement and so on.In this process, recognize and close to plant flowers, pay attention to inner experience, balance psychology, cultivate elegant lifestyle and social etiquette.
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