Managing Disruptive Change


Get yourself and your company ready to face disruptive trends in your industry – be ahead of the wave, don’t get buried underneath.


Change Management


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Disruption is simultaneously the greatest threat and the biggest opportunity for any business. While some companies proactively manage this potential risk and leverage it to further grow their business, others fall behind by not acknowledging the profound impact that this type of change might have. This course helps you to get in the driver seat by teaching you a structured approach to respond to disruptive change through targeted actions: Identify emerging disruptions early on Why do companies get disrupted in the first place? What are potential sources of disruption? What are disruption patterns that can be spotted? Proactively manage disruptions to leverage them as an opportunity What are potential ways to handle disruptions? How strong is the disruption and what kind of impact might it have on my business? What are generalizable action patterns that I can transfer to other contexts? We put special emphasis on the use of real-life case studies and tutorials to ensure practical relevance and help you prepare for actual situations. This course prepares you for a position at the interface of technology and management, going beyond the operational scope to take a more strategic perspective. After completing this course you will improve your career qualifications as Business Development Manager, Change Manager or Innovation Manager. Professionals from the industries of IT Management , Mechanical Engineering , Marketing Consulting and Project Coordination already completed the course. This course is part of the "Managing Technology & Innovation: How to deal with disruptive change" MicroMasters program designed to teach the critical skills needed to be successful in this exciting field. In order to qualify for the MicroMasters Credential, you will need to earn a Verified Certificate in each of the six courses of the RWTHx MicroMasters program.
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