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Microinsurance is the provision of low-cost and simple insurance services to low-income populations in developing and emerging countries.

Versicherungen, Banking

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Benjamin Wilding

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  • Understanding insurance markets and their limitations for low income and emerging consumers
  • Key institutional choices and operational aspects in offering microinsurance products 
  • The role of policy makers and governments 
  • Key issues in health insurance 
  • Catastrophe / Agriculture Insurance 
  • Life insurance and long-term savings plans 
  • The commercial perspective of microinsurance 
  • What is next? Insights from renowned practitioners
This course of two days allows participants to gain a basic understanding of microinsurance and learn in particular about key aspects and key challenges in providing insurance services in emerging and developing economies. They explore theory and practice of offering microinsurance products to low-income customers in developing and emerging countries, where social security systems typically fail to reach the majority of the population. Participants get a better understanding of how the process and components of microinsurance schemes interrelate and help to overcome specific problems in microinsurance markets. They learn about institutional choices and different forms of partnership models to offer such services and discuss potential advantages and disadvantages. Different types of microinsurance products, such as agriculture and disaster insurance, health and life insurance are discussed in more detail. The course is completed by the analysis of the attractiveness of the market from the perspective of commercial players.
The course is designed for organizations that support the development of microinsurance. The target audience includes people who are considering establishing microinsurance schemes, staffof microinsurance companies, established insurance companies that are considering entering themicroinsurance market, regulators, policy makers and those working in microfinance.
Participants have a graduate degree and several years of working experience. The course language is English.
CHF 1500