Perfect Me: Understanding the Beauty Ideal

Explore the changing nature of the beauty ideal and the need to address body image anxiety as a global epidemic.


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Learn how and why a global beauty ideal has been created

The quest to look beautiful, or just ‘good enough’, is something that drives and dominates people all over the world. The rise of body image anxiety has become a global epidemic and the need to be perfect or be better is becoming an ethical requirement.

On this course, you will discover the features and differences of the emerging global beauty ideal. You will explore the role of ‘normal’ and how beauty as an ethical ideal defines the way you view yourself and others. You will also look to the future and learn how the rising demands of beauty can be addressed in a more positive way.

This course is for anyone interested in or studying beauty ideals and practices or global ethics.

Identify and understand why the emerging global beauty ideal has the features of an ethical ideal,Describe the four defining features of the emerging beauty ideal,Explain the process by which the modified body is becoming normalised and why this adds to the rising demands of beauty,Investigate how the global ideal is narrowing and homogenising and the differences between a global ideal and previous beauty ideals,Reflect on how the causes of a demanding global ideal are complex and include the rise of a visual and virtual culture and the technological imperative,Explain why Body Image Anxiety and other consequences of a more demanding ideal need to be regarded as a public health issue
This course is for anyone interested in or studying beauty ideals and practices or global ethics.