Principles of Electric Circuits | 电路原理

Electricity is everywhere. Learn about real world applications of electric circuits and the techniques for analyzing and designing circuits.... mehr...

Electricity is everywhere. Learn about real world applications of electric circuits and the techniques for analyzing and designing circuits. 电无处不在。人类文明的进程,几乎就是研究和利用电的过程。电路是用电为人类服务的直接工具。电路原理这门课程教会你分析和设计电路的基本方法。




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Principles of Electric Circuits (20220214x) is one of the kernel courses in the broad EECS subjects. Almost all the required courses in EECS are based on the concepts learned in this course, so it’s the gateway to a qualified EECS engineer. The main content of this course contains linear and nonlinear resistive circuits, time domain analysis of the dynamic circuits, and the steady state analysis of the dynamic circuits with sinusoidal excitations. Important concepts, e.g. filters, resonance, quiescent point, etc., cutting-edge elements, e.g. MOSFETs and Op Amps, etc., systematic analyzing tools, e.g. node method and phasor method, etc., and real-world engineering applications, e.g. square wave generator and pulse power supply for railgun, etc., will be discussed in depth. In order to facilitate the learning for students with middle school level, we prepare the necessary knowledge for calculus and linear algebra in week 0. With your effort, we can show you the fantastic view of electricity. ç”µè·¯åŽŸç†è¯¾ç¨‹æ˜¯ç”µç±»å„ä¸“ä¸šæœ€é‡è¦çš„ä¸€é—¨å­¦ç§‘åŸºç¡€è¯¾ï¼ŒåŽç»­å„ä¸“ä¸šåŸºç¡€è¯¾å’Œä¸“ä¸šè¯¾éƒ½å»ºç«‹åœ¨è¿™é—¨è¯¾ç¨‹çš„çŸ¥è¯†ä½“ç³»ä¹‹ä¸Šï¼Œå› æ­¤æ˜¯ç”µç±»ä¸“ä¸šæœ¬ç§‘ç”Ÿçš„â€œçœ‹å®¶ è¯¾â€ä¹‹ä¸€ã€‚ç”µè·¯åŽŸç†è¯¾ç¨‹çš„ä¸»è¦å† å®¹åŒ æ‹¬ï¼šçº¿æ€§ç”µé˜»ç”µè·¯åˆ†æžã€éžçº¿æ€§ç”µé˜»ç”µè·¯åˆ†æžã€åŠ¨æ€ç”µè·¯çš„æ—¶åŸŸåˆ†æžå’Œæ­£å¼¦æ¿€åŠ±ä¸‹åŠ¨æ€ç”µè·¯çš„ç¨³æ€åˆ†æž4å¤§éƒ¨åˆ†ã€‚æ¸ åŽå¤§å­¦ç”µ è·¯åŽŸç†è¯¾ç¨‹çš„æ•™å­¦åŒ æ‹¬ç”µè·¯åˆ†æžåŸºæœ¬æ–¹æ³•ã€å½“ä»£ç”µè·¯å ƒå™¨ä»¶ã€ç”µè·¯åŽŸç†çš„å®žé™ å·¥ç¨‹åº”ç”¨ç­‰ï¼Œä¸ºå­¦ç”Ÿæä¾›äº†æ‰Žå®žçš„åŸºç¡€å’Œä¸°å¯Œçš„åº”ç”¨ã€‚ ä¸ºæ–¹ä¾¿è‡³åªæœ‰ä¸­å­¦çŸ¥è¯†çš„å­¦ç”Ÿå­¦ä¹ ï¼Œç”µè·¯åŽŸç†MOOC专门利用第0å‘¨å‡†å¤‡å¿ è¦çš„å¾®ç§¯åˆ†ã€çº¿æ€§ä»£æ•°å’Œå¤§å­¦ç‰©ç†ç”µå­¦çš„åŸºç¡€ã€‚æˆ‘ä»¬æœ‰ä¿¡å¿ƒï¼šä½ èƒ½é¢†æ‚Ÿç”µä¸–ç•Œçš„å¥‡å¦™ã€‚
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