The Blockchain Concept

This course will introduce you to the world of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin in particular and the technology behind it. We will explore the maj... mehr...
This course will introduce you to the world of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin in particular and the technology behind it. We will explore the major changes that the blockchain technology will bring to business and society. weniger

Informatik, Blockchain

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This course we will start off with a short historical overview about blockchain technology and how it developed into one of the big bet future technologies. Claudio Grassi is an blockchain integration specialist and an expert in digital business transformation with focus on digital skills building, digital strategy and risk management. He will introduce you to the world of blockchain – HOW it works and WHY it is so important. The course will focus on the HOW and the WHY of cryptocurrencies and the real world applications of the blockchain technology.

  • HOW do cryptocurrencies work exactly?
  • We cover some technical aspects but they will be explained considering a non technical audience. These basic concepts are necessary to introduce the environment, the actors involved and the technology behind it.
    • Transactions and blocks
    • Mining
    • Blockchain
    • Bitcoin protocol
    • Bitcoin wallets (with some highlights on security)
  • WHY is the blockchain technology so important?
  • In the second part we will focus on the impact of the blockchain technology on business, society and econony. We will see real world implemented use cases first hand.
    • Similarities between the internet and blockchain
    • Disruptive elements of the blockchain
    • How the blockchain is changing money and business
    • Other cryptocurrencies
  • You will understand the technical aspects of blockchain in a big picture – even as a non technical person
  • You will understand how important cryptocurrencies and blockchain already are and will be even more in the close future
  • In real world use cases you will be shown the impact of blockchain to estabished business

This course is designed for a technical as well as a non-technical audience that want to understand the blockchain technology and learn how it can impact and disrupt business and society. You want to explore the risk and chances for your business and identify its potential opportunities.


Open for anyone that is interested in the topic

Fr. 1'200.00